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Shrimp Burger and Ultimate Cheeseburger



Lotteria is known for its shrimp

エビバーガー エビバーガー
Item: Shrimp Burger
Price: ¥340 (plus tax)

In 1977, Lotteria set out to develop fast food options that would appeal to the Japanese palate. Shrimp, a familiar (and thought to be auspicious) part of the Japanese diet, were used to make the Shrimp Burger, which sold like wildfire and quickly became our signature menu item.
Today, we are still known for our Shrimp Burger, which continues to headline our menus.
First released in 1977, our Shrimp Burger has undergone numerous changes and improvements as times have changed. The most recent version is our 13th sweeping attempt at perfection, last upgraded in 2014.

Whiteleg shrimp, known for their thick, satisfying texture, are used to create our springy, juicy Shrimp Burger patty.We also use coarser panko (flakes up to 12 mm in size) for the breading to create an even crunchier experience.

<Tartar sauce>
Our tartar base is made with egg yolks and diced onion, then hand-mixed with mayo to create a sauce that is simple, yet intensely flavorful.

The Ultimate is a true cheeseburger--authentic and with nothing to hide!

The Ultimate is a true cheeseburger--authentic and with nothing to hide The Ultimate is a true cheeseburger--authentic and with nothing to hide
Item: Ultimate Cheeseburger
Price: ¥360 (plus tax)

Our goal was to create the “cleanup hitter of beef” by coming up with a classic cheeseburger made with high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price.
We reinvented our Ultimate Cheeseburger from the ground up in 2007, returning to simple, authentic ingredients in our bun, cheese, and patty that forced us to create something even more honest, transparent, and delicious that we could be proud to offer the world.

The Japanese love aromatic bread, and we use a process that mimics artisan hand-rolling techniques to create a bun with a fluffy, springy texture.

Inspired by the way the French prepare steak tartare, we use ultra-coarse ground beef (with pieces up to 8 mm) so that nothing stands between you and a delicious meaty experience. We also insist on using a simple seasoning blend of salt, black pepper, and oregano.

Our Ultimate Cheeseburger uses only natural gouda and red cheddar--fine cheeses that you almost never find at a chain restaurant.
The bold flavors of these two cheeses stand up to our premium bun and patty.

New signature menu items


The Lotteria Classic Burger delivers all the authentic flavor of 100% beef

ロッテリア クラシックバーガー

Item: Lotteria Classic Burger
Price: ¥630 (plus tax)

Our Classic Burger starts with a binder-free, 100% beef patty made entirely from safe, reliable, grass-fed beef--known for its distinctive, bold flavor. We then teppan-grill it before sandwiching it in our original bun, which is baked to a dark-brown luster and designed to go perfectly with our premium patties, for a more premium experience. The restrained sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture of our fully-caramelized buns maximizes wheat aromas. We then top it with mayo and lots of fresh, crisp lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced onion, and pickles before finishing it off with our secret sauce--a honey mustard made with Argentinian honey. The result is the perfect gourmet burger experience.

Our original buns are the perfect complement to our Classic Burger. We leave them in the oven a bit longer to give them a more premium feel and maximize wheat aromas, meanwhile opting for a restrained sweetness and less oil to create a melt-in-your-mouth texture that better showcases the flavors of our delicious 11.5-cm beef patty.
Our equipment is designed to recreate the effect of hand-rolling dough to mimic the fluffy texture of homemade bread.

<Beef patty>
We use 100% grass-fed beef, brimming with authentic, intense savory flavors that deliver bold taste even when paired with our buns and vegetables.Our 80% lean authentic beef patty is free of binders and made from grass-fed beef.

Our original honey mustard is made with Argentinian honey and punctuated by the perfect subtle pop of spiciness.